TGMP is the link between wildlife enthusiasts and supporters, government, conservationists and researchers. We are not activists; we are a platform.

Our goal: to create sustainable and inclusive conservation solutions in India.

TGMP is a conservation entrepreneurship that is working towards creating viable and inclusive models for research and conservation in India. Born out of years of experience, commitment to conservation and the realization that conservation needs to be an intrinsic part of daily life, TGMP is bringing avenues for conservation to all walks of life.

Inclusion being the cornerstone for our work, our primary focus is the harnessing and channeling of the extensive and eager conservation intent amongst an ever-growing urban and sub-urban ‘green’ population. Unfortunately, there are very few avenues for this set of people to contribute to and connect with conservation and Nature. Education and functional avenues for domestic and community-based conservation are our primary focusses.

Everyone is invited to join in. Conservation will need national movement-scale change!

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TGMP Philosophy
Gerry Martin

TGMP Philosophy

Date: Nov 10 2012   Posted by: Gerry Martin

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As an organization committed to wildlife conservation and education through community engagement, TGMP takes a strong stance on matters that affect the environment. Directly or indirectly, each one of us shapes the world we live in.

The festival of lights, Diwali, is around the corner and while the true essence of the season lies in family, friendship and love, many choose to celebrate in a dangerous, apathetic and disconnected manner. This year, TGMP is putting out a strong statement against the ...