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About The Gerry Martin Project

TGMP translates a philosophy of inclusion and community led conservation to on-ground, structured and effective initiatives, practices and projects. From transforming rural schools into ideal and responsible learning spaces to engaging with and training staff of the Forest Department, we ensure that change is deep-rooted and sustainable.

TGMP is enabling the Forest Department in numerous states by training its staff in snake handling and conflict management and snakebite first aid. Between 2013 and 2014, we have worked with over 250 watchers and range officers and provided each location with sufficient equipment to mange human-snake conflict in their jurisdiction.

TGMP has set up its first conservation field station on a hundred acres of disturbed forest. The focus of the station is to engage and involve the local community in sustainable and viable conservation efforts. We also monitor and protect the wildlife on our hill. The location is a slice of paradise!

As part of the Global Snakebite Initiative, we work at numerous locations around the country to educate public, research snakebite epidemiology and venom variation and enable and support medical training at the grass-root level. TGMP has been spearheading the fieldwork aimed at developing a better treatment for snakebite in India.


What are our customer saying about us?

  • Gerry Martin is legendary in the field of herpetology. Not just because he is a superb scientist, but because he also has the kind of natural field skills that most can only wonder and envy at. I handled my first ever cobras under Gerry's tutelage some fifteen years ago, and contiue to learn from him every time I speak to him!
    Steve Backshall // Television Personality
  • TGMP is one of the best things I have ever done! Fun, Educational and Awesome are the words that describe TGMP
    Finnbar Dexter // Student
  • Gerry Martin Projects brings the experience of sustainable environments into every classroom that they walk into. The students are introduced to the value and the beauty of unfettered wildlife and almost all the time, the paradigm of the students' thinking shifts perceptibly.
    Jyoti Thyagarajan // Teacher
  • Every time I have been on a workshop with Gerry Martin, I come away filled with knowledge and once in a lifetime experiences. Each workshop is unique led by professionals who are fun to be around and make you want to learn more.
    Emillia Dexter // Student
  • During my college years, I attended nearly every one of TGMP’s workshops. I could never get enough. Each was an educational retreat, one where true learning took place. The team quickly became my mentors, teaching me about the natural world and conservation while motivating me to keep learning.
    Chetana Purushotham // Ecologist