The Gerry Martin Project (TGMP) is a conservation entrepreneurship, which is focused on demonstrating that one can make a living out of responsible conservation based business and service. Bringing together skills in wildlife rescue, education and training, TGMP works concertedly at developing umbrella solutions for communities living in or near rural and wilderness areas.

Our working models include engaging and transforming Government schools to enabling remote communities to mitigate conflict with wildlife. With two field stations under our belt, we are beginning to have an effect in a wide arena.

We follow a philosophy that is engaging, inclusive and staunchly pragmatic, based on the needs and demands of rural communities. We strive to establish self-sustainability in all our work and projects so as not to create a dependence on external agencies. To this end, TGMP raises its own funds through ecological services, rigidly responsible eco-tourism, school camps and consultancies.

Mission Statement

TGMP will create a dynamic, interactive and committed network that will bolster its values and vision.

It will identify, harness and enable action-oriented research in wildlife and the environment.

It will harness communities to work towards focused, sustainable and replicable conservation through inclusive programs and processes.



The Gerry Martin Project seeks to create a global community that will effect informed and researched innovations in conservation through community led education and participation in India.