Everything that TGMP does is focused towards effective conservation results. Since our inception, we’ve worked towards demonstrating that conservation is not a cause but a critical necessity that can be a viable career or source of livelihood. We succeeded from the word go.

Organically growing our footprint, we have moved from supporting individual Undergraduate students in their fieldwork to internally funding and supporting training of Forest Department staff at a National level. TGMP continues to effect change at numerous levels. Right now, we have setup a field station that focuses on community led conservation efforts and dealing with human-wildlife conflict. There’s a lot to be done and we’re ticking things off our list regularly!


Snakebite Mitigation and Human-snake Conflict Management

Fueled by the first-hand knowledge that snakes and humans can coexist without conflict, TGMP has been educating, equipping and training individuals and organisations all over the country to live with snakes. Our multi-pronged approach to this issue includes research on snakebite and venom variation as well. Read more…


Rural School Transformation- Conservation through effective education

In keeping with our core values, our model for conservation at both our field stations and any place we work is based on education. We believe strongly that education is the best entry point to a conversation with a community. Read More...