Field Stations

TGMP believes strongly in creating, enabling and sustaining change. We realize that it is impossible to achieve this through brief interventions or by remote endeavours and initiatives. So, we have decided to dig our heels in at Hunsur in rural Karnataka. At this location, we are working concertedly and substantially with local communities to develop solutions to allow them to conserve their wildlife while making a living from it.

hunsur 1Spread over a ten-acre orchard, the Hunsur Station is an incredibly well rounded idea. The station tackles issues of rural conservation at multiple levels from human-wildlife conflict to educational reform in village schools.

The Station has a school that will focus on adding language, mathematics and other skills to a child’s repertoire. It is also the location for a learning centre where children can build skills in Nature, science, carpentry, electrical work and more. Teachers from surrounding schools will also be trained and enabled to deliver more effective classes through courses and workshops.

The Station is also going to focus on hum-wildlife conflict and work towards mitigating all kinds of conflict from crop raiding to snakebite. We are in the process of securing permissions to set up a wildlife transit facility for injured individuals from endangered species of raptors, reptiles and small mammals.