Hunsur- Centre for Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

Located on a farm ten kilometres from Hunsur, this is where TGMP runs all its human-wildlife conflict mitigation work from. The centre is a combination of various aspects from rural education reform to wildlife rehabilitation and research.

All the work here is sustained through volunteers, workshops and school excursions and camps.

At the Centre, volunteers will work at the skill development school for children from surrounding villages called ‘Under the Mango Tree’. Here, children are trained in skills from carpentry and plumbing to becoming naturalist and adventure guides. They are also coached in English, mathematics and civics.

The Centre also conducts research in human-wildlife conflict and runs numerous awareness campaigns in the region. A wildlife transit facility for conservation dependent and threatened species is being set up to house wild animals that need housing and rehabilitation before their release back into the wild.

For volunteers, this is an amazing opportunity to work on hands-on, real and effective conservation.

Accommodation: Gender specific rooms with bunk beds. Bathrooms are permanent structures with hot and cold running water.


  1. Ecological field research projects.
  2. Animal husbandry
  3. Developing and creating educational material and teaching
  4. Agriculture